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The Perfect Plan, A New Original Series, Coming In Spring 2019 To Audiences Globally

Los Angeles, California, 1st October 2018 – Just Believe Entertainment and Swolehead Entertainment, production companies spearheaded by Barry Brewer and Jamin Thompson, respectively, announce the launch of a new original series, The Perfect Plan, which will release globally in Spring 2019.

Date announce teaser and first look image to the original series The Perfect Plan, premiering in the Spring of 2019.

About the series:

The Perfect Plan, a gripping, 10-episode, comedy-thriller created and directed by Barry Brewer, tells the story of 3 friends who fall behind in bills and rent – then get caught up in a dramatic tale that leaves them running from dangerous gang lords, angry landlords, and crooked cops. The only way out: Come up with The Perfect Plan.

Top series cast includes Barry Brewer, Tahir Moore, Jamin Thompson, Troy Damien, Steve Owens, Josef Cannon, Larry Banks and Yvette Obiefule. Full series cast is detailed below.

“We are so proud to have had the opportunity to work with Barry Brewer and Just Believe to create a great series that will appeal to audiences around the world,” said Jamin Thompson, Executive Producer, Swolehead Entertainment. “A rich comedy with elements of mystery and high drama will be a great adventure for our audience, and we are incredibly excited to share it with everyone real soon.”

The Perfect Plan is set to release globally in the Spring of 2019. 


Barry Brewer

Creator / Director

Barry Brewer is a native of South Side Chicago who collided into the world of comedy in 2001. His multifaceted style and content distinguish him among other comedians, making him comparable to the likes of comedy sensation Jamie Foxx. Barry hilariously incorporates his artistry and musicianship into his comedic satire, leaving his audiences amused.

Jamin Thompson

Executive Producer

Jamin Thompson is an actor, producer, content creator, and creative storyteller who creates and delivers original content (film, television and new media) for fans all over the world. Jamin can also be seen on the big screen in ‘Rampage’ with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and has appeared on a variety of television shows including Ballers, The Rookie, Lethal Weapon, and Seal Team.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our show.

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Barry Brewer

Tyrese is the confident, fearless leader of the group. He is willing to take risks, but prides himself on being the logical, smart one. 


Tahir Moore

Manny is a temporarily unemployed, free-spirited dreamer whose funny, but often poorly timed jokes often lead to more trouble. 


Troy Damien

Rell is the runt of the litter. He is a clueless nerd who loves superhero comics, science, and pop culture, and is never aware of the danger all around him. 


Steve Owens

Kevin is a banker and a friend to the fellas. He’s the “smart one” who went to college and plays by the rules. Not the rules of the street. 

Officer Black

Jamin Thompson

Officer Black is a militant ex-marine who swears to uphold the law by any means necessary. His tactics make him a hated villain by everyone in the streets.


Josef Cannon

King is a ruthless, yet very refined drug lord who rules the underworld of the city. His metaphors could mean mercy or murder, take your pick. 


Larry Banks

Leroy is King’s number one henchman, who dishes out pain and suffering whenever King needs to collect money or teach fools a lesson. 

Miss Letti

Yvette Obiefule

Miss Letti is Tyrese, Manny, and Rell’s landlord. She gets tired of their inability to pay and lame excuses and wants nothing more than to have them gone.

Officer Freeling

Jason Ponder

Officer Freeling is Officer Black’s partner. If Black is the bad cop, Freeling is the good cop. He’s more of an unsuspecting friend than an enemy. 


Miho Fuji

Maal is a scammer who loves to collect an easy paycheck. Will she be able to scam her way into some fast cash or will her schemes be shut down for good?

Juicy Fruit

Alex Stepheson

Standing 7 feet tall, 260 pounds and full of rage, this henchman dishes out extreme punishment whenever he hears his boss Leroy say “Juicy Do Work.”


Mike Samp

Mike is a regular, well-respected business man who gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will his bad luck turn out to be fatal?

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